As a church, we support and pray for a number of missionaries serving around the world. Part of our church budget goes to support our missionaries. We also encourage our people to personally connect with one or more of our missionaries, praying for them and supporting them financially.

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  • Nathan and Dawn Detweiler

    Church planting in the Maribor area of Slovenia.

    Serving with: Joshua’s Army in Maribor, Slovenia

  • Erin Hill

    Is staff support at YWAM, whose mission is to develop students relationship with God and help them to find His purpose for their lives. 

    Serving with YWAM in Orlando, Florida

  • Ken and Chyrl Mullins

    Ken provides computer support for missionaries to do Bible translation. Chyrl is an educational consultant for missionary families. 

    Serving with Wycliffe in Cedar Hill, TX

  • Bill and Linda Parker

    Served in Central America for over 30 years and now is mentoring Spanish speaking missionary candidates.

    Serving with Camino Global in Gilmer, TX

  • Vidal and Cathy Perez

    Church planting among the Tectitech people in Guatemala. 

    Serving with: Commission to Every Nation in Tectitan, Guatemala

  • Justin and Bethany

    Media art specialists helping people develop worship for their culture. Bethany also provides help to those who have faced trauma. 

    Serving in Southeast Asia and Eurasia

  • Robby and Rose Roberts

    Church planting in the Abruzzo region of Italy. 

    Serving with Crossworld in Sant’ Angelo, Italy

  • Paul and Cindy Rushing

    After years of ministry overseas they are now mobilizing missionaries to go to unreached or under-reached people groups. 

    Serving with Christar out of Garland, TX.

  • Amit & Hoinu Narjinary

    Church planting and pastor development in West Bengal India.

    Serving in West Bengal India

  • Luis and Elizabeth TRUJILLO

    Church planting with the Nukak people in Columbia. 

    Serving with New Tribes Mission

  • Rubulio & Yohana TRIGUEROS

    Partner with the Perez’s in church planting with the Tectitech

    people in Guatemala. 

    Serving with the Perez’s

  • Rocio Sanchez

    Serves as a teacher and disciples women in a Bible training

    institute in Mexico. 

    Serving with Missionary Training Institute in Colombia

  • Raju & Sushma Vemagiri

    Seeks transformation in the lives of abandoned or needy children by providing a home, food, education and spiritual foundation.

    Serving in West Bengal India

  • Quelin Van Schalkwyk

    Serving with Child Evangelism Fellowship in Namibia sharing the good news with children. 

    Serving with Child Evangelism Fellowship in Namibia, Africa