world Missions

As a church, we support and pray for a number of missionaries serving around the world. Part of our church budget goes to support our missionaries. We also encourage our people to personally connect with one or more of our missionaries, praying for them and supporting them financially.


If you would like to contact any of the missionaries below, contact the church office for their email address.  

  • Rocio Sanchez

    Indigenous to Columbia teaching at a Bible Institute in Mexico through Ethnos 360.

  • Paul and Cindy Rushing

    Serving with Christar  in Texas mobilizing missionaries to reach Buddhists, Hindus and Muslims. 

  • Nathan and Dawn Detweiler

    Church planting in the Maribor area of Slovenia with Joshua's Army.

  • Ken and Chyrl Mullins

    With Wycliffe in Texas serving Bible translation through information technology and educational consulting.

  • Amit & Hoinu Narjinary

    Indigenous to India doing church planting and pastor development in West Bengal. 

  • Rubulio & Yohana TRIGUEROS

    Indigenous to Guatemala, partnering with the Perez family in church planting in Tectitan, Guatemala. 

  • Raju & Sushma Vemagiri

    Indigenous to India, using their home as an orphanage for abandoned children in West Bengal. 

  • Vidal and Cathy Perez

    Church planting in Tectitan, Guatemala with Commission to Every Nation.

  • Justin and Bethany

    Training and mentoring throughout Southeast Asia and Eurasia in ethno arts and trauma healing with Wycliffe. 

  • Luis and Elizabeth TRUJILLO

    Indigenous to Columbia serving with Ethnos360 in language development and church planting for the Nukak people. 

  • The hub

    The Hub is giving rescue, relationship, recovery and resources to people experiencing sexual exploitation, sex traficking, homelesnes and poverty.

  • Young life

    Young Life introduces adolescents to Jesus Christ and helping them grow in their faith in local schools.

  • Care Pregnancy center Shreveport

    The Care Pregnancy Clinic of Shreveport offers critical personal, prenatal and postpartum support that often prevents women from making alife-altering mistake.