Pray for Me Campaign

Our youth ministry has promoted prayer champions for several years now. This ministry has linked an adult with a youth until they graduate high school. The purpose is for the adult to pray for that youth and hopefully build a relationship with them. Here’s how it works:


  • For adults that are interested in becoming a prayer champion with the Pray for Me Campaign, please sign up using the link below..  
  • There will be a “launch day”, July 29th, where the youth and prayer champions will come together to be partnered. We will separate the prayer champions into 2 generations. Each youth will ask prayer champions from each generation to pray for them. Ideally each youth will have 2 prayer champions. This partnership will last for a year. Then we will do a new launch. This way each youth has the opportunity to connect with and be prayed for by the majority of the body of Open Door.
  • Deadline to register is July 22.

Please prayerfully consider becoming a prayer champion to our youth. Statistics say that “40-50% of students from good youth groups and families will drift from God and the church after high school”. It also shows that “adult believers are crucial in passing on a lasting faith to the next generation” (Pray for Me Campaign). 

To sign up to be a prayer champion, click here.

If you are a youth and plan to attend the "launch day" on July 29, click here