Your 1st Visit!

We understand that first time visits anywhere can be a bit stressful or uncomfortable, especially when visiting a church! So we thought we'd help by answering a few questions you might have up front.


1. How can I find your church?

We're near the intersection of Hwy 80 and Swan Lake Road in Bossier city, a couple of miles south of I-220. We're just behind the Southern Maid donut shop and across from the fire station. For directions to the church, click here. The entrance to the lobby is through the glass doors under the drive through. Here you will be greeted with a friendly smile and given directions and information.


2. What time should we arrive?

First, check out our schedule. If you have kids to check in, you probably want to come about 15 minutes early. If you're coming for the 11:00 worship service only, we invite you to come early enough to grab some coffee and conversation.


3. What will we do with our kids?

Again, please check out the schedule. We have a well-staffed nursery for babies and classes for kids through high school. You may choose to keep your younger kids with you in the worship service on your first visit. But if you choose to bring them to their classes (which we recommend), we ask that you check them in at the Kids Desk located to the left of the lobby as you enter. (This applies to infants through 6th graders.) From there, you will be directed to your kids' classrooms. For more info on Kids Ministry, click here. The youth (middle schoolers and high schoolers) have a Bible study class at 9:30 and are with us in the worship service at 11:00.  


4. What should we wear?

We're pretty casual here, so we suggest wearing whatever is comfortable for you. Many wear jeans, some wear shorts (in warmer weather), some wear nice casual. Some ladies wear dresses, others wear slacks or jeans. No one really wears a suit or tie - not even the pastors! So just be yourself.


5. What can we expect in the worship service?

First of all, we like to start on time with a joyful worship song. Our worship team consists of a full band and several singers, along with our worship leader. (Our music would be considered contemporary worship, including contemporary-style hymns.) Usually, this is followed by a brief word of welcome and a few announcements. We also like to take a minute or two to give everyone a chance to greet those around them. Feel free to join in or stay where you are. This is just a way for us to connect, nothing weird or threatening.


This is followed by a few more songs of worship before the pastor's message. The message, about 30-40 minutes, is always biblical and practical teaching. (For examples, see the Sermons page.) We finish with another song or two as part of our reflection and response to the message.  


On the first Sunday of each month, we include a time to participate in communion, or the Lord's Supper. This is done simply where you will have an opportunity to participate or not in a way that is personal and private. (All believers in Jesus Christ are invited to participate.) On these Sundays, our elementary kids are with us in the worship service to give them an opportunity to celebrate communion with you, as appropriate. 


At Open Door, we don't pass an offering plate or basket, but we do have offering boxes on the side walls for those who wish to participate in this act of worship. There is no expectation for you as our guest. This is also where you can deposit a Connection Tab, if you fill one out.  


6. How can we get more information?

When you arrive, you should be greeted and provided with information about Open Door or any specific areas of interest (such as Kids Ministry). You can also find these at our Connection Center in the lobby. Someone will be available at the Connection Center to answer any questions or help you find the information you're looking for.


In our weekly bulletin, we have what we call a Connection Tab. We ask that you fill it out to let us know of your visit ~ we promise not to call or visit unless you invite us! On this tab you can also request various information about the church or ask for prayer. (These are kept confidential and are prayed over by the pastors only.) If you fill out a Connection Tab, you can drop it in one of the offering boxes or hand it to the person at the Connection Center.  


If you have other questions about Open Door, feel free to call or email us. We'll love to help!